How to Play PSP Games with usb PC game pad on an Android device.

With the recent rise of support for otg cables in Android phones, gamers have been having hyper fun with playing psp games with their PC game pads, ps3 pads, Xbox 360 pads etc...

I'm going to show you how to connect your PC game pad to your phone and enjoy premium gaming experience...


0. PSP Android enumerator; PPSSPP Gold


2. Game pad. [For those in Nigeria, you can use the regular double or single PC game pad(s)]

Get the ppsspp Android app from google playstore.

I'm assuming you already know how to load a game with the ppsspp app so let's move on.

Now plug your game pad to the otg cable then connect the otg cable to your phone. Run the ppsspp app, try to start a game then you'll notice only the d-pad is working.

There's absolutely no need to panic or feel disappointed just go back to the main menu, then select the settings>control>control mapping and remap the controller.

Tweak the control and enjoy premium gaming experience.


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