How to transform your Android phone to iPhone interface (ios9) [NO ROOT]

Hello everyone, today I want to show you how to transform your Android phone's user interface to look like that of iphone's ios9. The good thing about it is that root privilege is not required.

Those that migrated from iPhone to Android can agree with me that the ios interface is much more smoother and it's animation is sublime. At the end of this tutorial you'll be able to enjoy the sleek iPhone interface with your regular android device.

I've packaged all the required files to transform your phone. Download here or here

If at all you encounter any issues with the above link, here are all the files you'll have to download:

1.ilauncher (paid): the paid version of the ilauncher seems to be the best ios launcher out there.

2. inoty

3. LockScreen iOS9

You can get these apps on Google playstore.



Download and install the aforementioned apps, then configure your launcher how you like and make it your default launcher.

Then proceed to the inoty configuration, activate the inoty and the screen locker:

Then you're good to go... Here's my gm5:

Notification drawer

Ios search + blackberry keyboard

Ios lockscreen

Ios launcher


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