How to switch from kingroot to supersu [ROOT]

Hello everyone, today I'm going to show you how you can switch from kingroot's kinguser to the traditional supersu. Without going into much details to why supersu seems better and easier to use compared to the Chinese kingroot that is a bit confusing at times, in fact, most anti virus apps flag it as a malware, I will move to the procedures.


You'll have to download the file below, extract it in your sd card, then proceed to your terminal emulator the type this few lines of codes;


cd sdcard/adb

cd sdcard/adb this selects your working folder. That is adb is the name of the extracted folder.

su this is to gain root privilege

sh executes the script for a 64bit processor.

sh and sh are for 32bit devices.

So it's basically sh

MTK devices are fully supported...

Credits to vickybonick, Chainfire and Mr.W0lf for the SUPERSU and the SCRIPT

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