How to add LED flashlight to the front camera of any phone

Who doesn't take selfies these days? We all love selfies. I personally know of some people that would take up to 20 selfies in a day. However, lack of flash on front cameras makes it difficult to take good selfies at night even with our iPhones and Samsungs with super front cameras. Here's a powerful external super front camera flashlight you can attach to your phone for a quality image at night.

external led flashlight

This is a mini camera flash / fill-in light designed for cell phones.
It's connection port is 3.5mm audio jack, which is compatible with all brands of smartphones.
Super mini but with strong LED light,
Allows you to take high clear and high quality pictures with your phone's front camera at night.


1. The portable multifunctional mini flashlight built-in 16 LED bulbs

2. It is compatible with iOS, Android and WP8 smartphones and tablet computers.

3. Provide three powerful lighting model to meet the needs of the different scenarios.

4. The built-in rechargeable battery, will not consume power of the smart phone.

5. A photo / video mode is supported.

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