3 genuine reasons why you Should Move From Blogger to Wordpress Today

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I already wrote a blog highlighting why blogger is better than WordPress and explaining why you should move or stay on blogger. But that will only seem one sided as WordPress itself has it's own advantages. It is the advantages and edge WordPress has over blogger that I want to share with you guys on this blog post and why you should consider moving to WordPress.

1.) Beauty and Customization

In customization, think of blogger like iPhone and see WordPress as Android. This simply analogy says a lot.

The fact that WordPress is an open source management system which allows many users across the world to easy build plugins to customize their websites to taste.
More so, the customization on WordPress are by far better than that of blogger. In fact, blogger doesn't compete here.

Truth be told, many blogger gurus can configure blogger to good taste for you but WordPress is still a better fit when you need a catchy website with free flowing customization and it is one of the reasons why many web designers are porting to WordPress.

2.) Plugins 

Plugins, plugins and more plugins. This is probably what makes WordPress stand out. At least for me. The plugins make life so easier. There is almost a plugin aimed at solving a particular problem on WordPress. All you need to do is get the plugin to do the job for you.

Get plugins to help you on WordPress. That's all you need. And that's what makes WordPress unique . In fact, many have moved to WordPress from Blogger solely for plugins and extensions.

3.)SEO (Search Engine Optimizations )

The design and plethora of it that you have on
WordPress makes it a magnet for search engines all across the web.

Furthermore, websites on WordPress are SEO friendly thanks to many plugins that can provide 'inlinking' suggestions, SEO optimization of blog posts and so much I've not discussed on.

Editing Meta tags for pages and different blog posts are easier on WordPress than on blogger.

Do you plan to stay on Blogger or are you ready to move? Drop your comments.

Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for Wikeria

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