Get Airtel 2GB for N200 and 6GB for N500

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Have you heard of the airtel 2GB and 6GB that goes for 200 Naira and 500 Naira respectively? If No, read on. If yes, allow me to explain how you can use it and still be able to download heavy files.

About a month ago airtel introduced cheap 2GB and 6GB data plans that works with all devices. These plans can not exceed 100kb/s download speed, because in my opinion, I think this plan is for light Internet users. With a speed of 100kb/s, you can check your mails, use your social media apps (whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, BBM, etc), and surf the web for relevant information about any research project. This plans may not conveniently allow you stream Youtube videos or download large files due to its throttled speed. But you can do a lot with this package, especially if you're looking for something cheap.

If you really want to download large files with this new Airtel data plan, the best method that I can think of is to use it with this "combo" AIRTEL UNLIMITED BROWSING AND DOWNLOADING NIGHT PLAN + AIRTEL 2G DATA PLAN. Here is the plan; you use edge network during the day then switch to 3G to enable you download large files at night. You can read about airtel night plans here.

Airtel 2G data Plans

This plan allows you to use the speed of edge network which may not be faster than 100kb/s, but it's very stable and cheap. To subscribe to airtel 2G data plans, dial *482#, then choose which plan you prefer to use. 2GB can be used for a period of 14 days at 200 Naira, while 6GB lasts for 28 days at 500 Naira only. These plans can be enjoyed with any phone.

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