Airtel Unlimited Browsing and downloading for N100

There's a difference between having to use up 10GB of Internet data in just one night and having an unlimited access to the Internet for same period of time. This means you could actually use more than 100GB of Internet data depending on your ISP and device. But what if this unlimited data service is presented to you now, with an average speed of 2MB/s at the cost of just 100 Naira and 200 Naira for 1 hour and 2 hours respectively, what would you do?

Airtel is actually one of the biggest telecommunication company in Nigeria, trust me we have Nigerians as staffs there. They know what you want and they are working effortlessly to provide you with quality service irrespective of your age and occupation. This is why the need for a new data plan especially for young people was introduced, well, old people can benefit from it too. To enjoy this new data plan, you will have to migrate to a special tariff plan which in my opinion is arguably the best tariff plan for heavy data consumers. The name of this tariff plan is smartTRYBE. smartTRYBE offers a lot, ranging from 11kb/s calls to free text messages, but right now we are more interested in one of its best offer, which is UNLIMITED BROWSING AND DOWNLOADING

To enjoy this unlimited browsing and downloading from airtel's smartTRYBE, you will have to dial *312# or send 'yes' to 312 from an airtel line to migrate to smartTRYBE.
Then, dial *312*3# for N100/hr or *312*4# for N200 for 2 hours.

This unlimited browsing and downloading can only be enjoyed at night, between 11pm and 6am. And one good thing about it is that, you can subscribe as many times as possible. For instance, you can get 6 hours of unlimited access to the Internet for just N600. Imagine what you could download in 6 hours of unlimited data at an average speed of 2MB/s. This is a very good one from Airtel.

One last thing; All devices are supported, e.g modems, Android phones, blackberry, iPhones etc.


This plan has been modified. See the new Airtel smartTRYBE here

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