How to unlock Huawei modems 2016

Huawei modem
Are you tired of dccrap this, dccrap that? Don't get me wrong, DC crap modem unlocker is a great tool, if you are financially buoyant enough I think you should just get it, because it does more than just to unlock your modem. But then, my recent experience with dccrap was not very inspiring, so I've decided to dump it for now pending when it will be my only option, if ever.

Recently, I was given a simple task to unlock a Huawei E3531 modem, my PC was not available at that very moment, so dccrap was the least tool on my mind, that was when I discovered a more efficient way of unlocking any Huawei modem without any software. At first I thought it was risky because if you key in the wrong unlock code 10 times, that modem will be permanently locked (there's a way out it though). OK let's discourse this my so called "more efficient way" of unlocking any Huawei modem, please follow my steps carefully, trust me even 5 year olds can unlock any Huawei modem with these well thought out steps:

Step 1

Change the original sim card that came with the modem, for instance, if it's a mtn modem, put a glo, Airtel or Etisalat sim card into the modem. Just before you close the sim cover, you might want to check the modem imei number and model. Do not plug in the modem yet. Be patient.

Step 2

Quickly open this Huawei unlock code calculator website in your browser, if you're using a mobile phone, use Google Chrome browser or uc browser for better result. If you're using a PC then you can use any browser of your choice.

Step 3

In the website you opened earlier, you will find all the supported modem model and a form requesting for your modem imei number. Just provide the imei number of your modem and click the calculate button. Now wait for it to generate your unlock code.

Step 4

At this point you have three possible unlock codes, and one flash code. Now plug your modem to your computer with the alien sim card in it, allow it to install and pop out a form requesting for unlock code. Input any of the three unlock codes previously generated, you might get an invalid code after inputting the first code, don't give up try the other two unlock codes and feel the magic. I'm certain one will work because I am writing out of experience.

How to configure the modem to work with other networks

Normally, these modems come with a default connection setting with favors the ISP you bought it from, so I'll take my time to show you the connection settings of all the four major networks in Nigeria.
user: web
Password: web

User: internet
Password: internet

User: flat
Password: flat
APN: gloflat

User: anything
Password: anything
APN: etisalat

If you encounter any problem or you think your modem is too stubborn, don't hesitate to use our comment box, we are always here to help you 24/7.

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