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In case you don't already know, Xposed Installer is a very useful tool that can be used to customize an android device without the need to flash any custom rom. Most custom ROMs are heavily tweaked and they come with less bloatware applications, this makes its operations smoother than stock ROMs. But not all android devices can boast of custom ROMs, as these custom ROMs are built by third parties, mainly knowledgeable individuals that values premium quality designs and customizations. As appealing as the idea of flashing a custom Rom may sound, it is risky, and if you flash a custom Rom you will most likely lose all the files in your phone, including messages, call logs and programmed alarms.

Xposed installer offers you the opportunity to customize your stock rom, therefore making it look like a premium custom Rom without losing any file. And it also allows you to switch off all your customizations and restore your phone to its original stock rom without any modifications and with your files intact. In my opinion, it is the most useful tool in my phone, because you can do almost anything with it, ranging from blocking unwanted calls and sms to fully customizing your phone to match your personality.

Follow this guild to Download xposed installer compatible with your phone

Now that you have xposed installer framework running in your device, I'll like to show you some of my top xposed installer modules. Modules are like apps that depends on xposed installer to help you customize your stock rom. Xposed installer on its own is like the underlying software that is required to enable the modules do their job. There are over 200 modules associated with xposed installer, so you have a lot of options to choose from. So, here are my top 5 xposed installer modules in no particular order;

GravityBox [KK][LP][MM]

This is one of the most popular xposed installer module, just like the name, it's a fantastic tool BOX, with a lot of tweak in it. In fact, this module alone can totally transform your phone to a premium machine. One of its features that I enjoy the most is the cursor key it introduces just beside my navbar.
BlackBerry keyboard

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Here are other features GravityBox offers
  • CyanogenMod Pie controls
  • Expanded Desktop
  • Statusbar QuickSettings tile management with additional tiles and reordering
  • Statusbar icon coloring
  • Statusbar Brightness Control
  • Center clock in statusbar
  • Battery indicator style
  • Navigation bar tweaks including cursor control keys
  • Low battery warning policy
  • Disable LED flashing when battery low
  • Disable LED while charging
  • Advanced power-off menu (reboot, recovery)
  • Volume key cursor control
  • Skip tracks by volume key long-press while screen off (thanks to rovo89)
  • More volume levels for music stream
  • Option to control safe headset media volume
  • Button for clearing all recent tasks at once
  • Minimal brightness setting
  • Auto brightness levels adjustment
  • Lockscreen tweaks
  • Hardware/navigation key actions
  • Notification drawer style (background color, image for portrait/landscape, transparency)
  • Button backlight modes (default, disabled, always on while screen is on)
  • Dialer (Phone) tweaks
  • Google Launcher tweaks
  • Screen recording
  • GravityBox Actions - interface for 3rd party apps
  • Smart Radio
  • Notification control (per-app notification LED/sounds/vibrations)
  • Ascending ring tone
  • ...and more.

Flat Style Bar Indicators [KK][LP][MM]

This is a very useful customization tool, with flat style bar indicator, you have you the ability to change the way your status bar indicator look. This tool provides you with a lot of beautiful status bar indicator icons to choose from, and you also have the ability to hide any icon you don't like seeing on your status bar.
fsbi image
fsbi picture

Flat Style Colored Bars [KK][LP][MM]

This is my favorite module, this module tints your status bar color to match the title bar of any active application, it does the same to your navbar, you can check the screenshots above and below to really understand what I mean.
flat style coloured bar

Xstana [KK][LP][MM]

I don't need to talk much about this module because there is an existing post about it here, check it out

MonsterUi [KK]

This amazing module is for people still enjoying the simplicity of kitkat android OS( from 4.2.x). Till date, I still feel kitkat was the most simplest android version, everything was easy, though it's user interface wasn't all that great compared to lollipop, marshmallow and android N. If you're still on kitkat, MonsterUi is for you, it brings the lollipop user interface and animation to you without flashing any file or custom Rom. I personally enjoyed this module when I was still cruising kitkat android version, you can check this post to see the wonders it did to my old phone.

Bonus xposed module 

Android N-ify [LP][MM]

This module is similar to MonsterUi ,it will singlehandedly transform your phone running on Android lollipop OS to the latest android N. I LOVE IT, you'd love it too.

I guess I'll have to stop here, if you have any question or recommendations, don't hesitate to use the comment box.

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