Mtn Unlimited Browsing and Downloading

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In one of my previous articles, I explained how one can enjoy unlimited browsing and downloading with Airtel network for just a hundred Naira (N100). Now I'm about to show you something better, with this new package, you can get up to 24 hours of unlimited browsing and downloading, there's no need to wait for 11pm or 12 midnight to enjoy fast, reliable and unlimited Internet surfing. We should be able to decide the best time to download anything irrespective of its size, this is why the biggest and most reliable network in Nigeria packaged a perfect plan for us to enjoy premium browsing experience. This plan allows one to have an unlimited access to the Internet at any time of the day with an average speed of 2.2MB/s. The name of this data plan is MTN SIMPLE SURF. Mtn simple surf gives you the liberty of downloading large files and streaming online videos at a very considerable price. It's very pocket friendly, considering that one is not restricted to use this data plan only at nights when one should be asleep or could fall asleep.

Here's the breakdown of MTN simple surf prices

Bundle Plan Pricing Validity Period How to sub
2 hours 250 Naira 1 Day2H to 131
20 hours 1,500 Naira 7 Days 20H to 131
100 hours 5000 Naira 30 Days 100H to 131
300 hours 13,000 Naira 90 Days 300H to 131

Some of these prices seems to be on the high side, but trust me, think value not price.

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