How to increase your windows PC's RAM capacity with a flash drive

Is your Windows Pc too slow that sometimes it makes you want to break it? I understand your pain, you should probably get a new Pc with a bigger capacity RAM or buy a flash drive (pen drive) and extend your RAM capacity to speed up your PC. This would really save you from the frustration of a lagging Pc.

In one of my previous post, I talked about how to increase your RAM capacity with your HDD, right now am going to show you how to extend your RAM capacity with your flash drive.

This is not anything new, people have been practicing it for quite a long time now. There are two main methods of extending your RAM capacity with your flash drive (pen drive).



Go to your desktop, then navigate to "My Computer" then right click on an empty space, click on "properties" .

Now click on "advanced system settings", you'll see this on the left panel.

Under performance tab, click on Settings option, a new dialog box will be opened.

In the new dialog box, just click on the Advanced tab, then click on the change option under the virtual memory

Untick the Automatically Manage Paging files option and then choose your flash drive and simply define the Custom Size there, the custom size should not exceed the memory capacity of the flash drive. Then click on set and then ok option.

Click here for pictorial illustration of Method #1.

METHOD #2 Using ReadyBoost

Plug in your flash Drive through a USB port then Right click on your flash drive.
Click on Properties then open the ReadyBoost Tab.
Now tick Use this device then set how much memory space you want to swap, it is recommended that you use half of the free memory of the flash drive, you can use more than half if you so wish.
Then click on Apply button and enjoy.

flash drive ReadyBoost
To disable this RAM extension, just disable ReadyBoost or just open your flash drive and delete the ReadyBoost file inside.

While using your flash drive as a virtual RAM, it is recommended that you safely eject it, because if you just pull it out of the USB port without properly ejecting from your PC, you may damage the flash drive.

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