How to invite people to join your Whatsapp chat group by sharing a link to it

You just created that whatsapp group, of course every Whatsapp group need members. Adding people to your whatsapp group without their consent is not always an ideal plan, so just like Telegram messaging app, you can now invite your friends, family, coworkers etc, to join your whatsapp group with just a link, a url link. This is great considering the stress of having to  save every Dick and Harry's phone number just because you want to add them to your whatsapp group. Here's the procedure;

How to invite people to your whatsapp group with a link

UPDATE: This feature has been added to the new version of the original whatsapp, just update your whatsapp from Google play store, follow the procedure below, skip step 1 and enjoy.

Step #1

Download, install and run a special Whatsapp application [wa prime] that allows you to do this, you might want to register a new Whatsapp number in this new Whatsapp application so that your chat records will remain intact in your original Whatsapp.

Get wa prime here.

Step #2

goto your group, click on the add new member icon, the you'll see a message prompting you to create an invitation link, click on it then copy your link.
Wa prime

Step #3 

Invite everybody to join your whatsapp group with  your custom link.

Check my contact page to see the implementation of this Whatsapp trick.
NB: you have to open link with your whatsapp.

UPDATES: This feature is now available in gbwhatsapp, it's the same procedure. 

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