Microsoft to replace Lumia brand with the new Surface Phone

Microsoft To Kill The Lumia Brand In Favor of a New Surface Phone

Few days ago iPhone 7 was officially launched, despite its price people are still queuing up to acquire it. A lot people, mostly Nigerians may think Apple products are overrated and overpriced, even though that line of thought is totally their prerogative, I would advise them to use an APPLE product before rushing into conclusion.

Same can't be said about the Lumia brand, a lot of people initially bought Lumia phones because of it's consanguinity with Nokia mobile. It's no secret the Lumia brand is struggling to gain any significant market share these days. In fact Nokia mobile are still looking to resurface in the market with a new flagship device just before Christmas which may further push down Lumia phones where buyers won't see them. Despite the poor sales of Lumia windows Phones, Microsoft are still not giving up on its mobile OS. Instead, the company plans to drop the Lumia brand by the end of the year and replace it with a brand new Surface Phone in an effort to breathe new life into its flagging smartphone business.

Microsoft has already shown what can be done in a tablet (currently the Surface Pro 4), and a laptop (the Surface Book). It makes perfect sense to show the mobile aspirations with a Surface Phone. Consistent branding and a focus on ‘demonstration’ rather than sales is the opposite of Lumia’s place in the mobile world. Lumia would simply get in the way of this strategy, so again the simple choice is to retire Lumia and have the world focus on the Surface brand.

The Surface Phone has been an elusive sasquatch for Microsoft followers. The idea of a Windows 10 smartphone, packed to the gills with technology that could redefine the space in the same way as the Surface Pro and Surface Book is beguiling. While there is no confirmation that a Surface Phone is on the way, removing the Lumia brand allows for a clearer message when the mythical smartphone arrives.

Microsoft is expected to hold an event in October, where it's believed it will announce a new Surface all-in-one. A perfect gift for Christmas, yeah?

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