BREAKING NEWS! Anguish, as Telegram bots - LARA and COINR Crash

Coinr and Lara have crashed
Tears and lamentations everywhere as millions lose money in an online high yield investment programs - and Until the sudden collapse of these HYIPs - COINR and LARA, Coinr seemed to be the easiest money-making opportunity, but with its simplicity I and other HYIP ministers knew it would not last long.

Lara, just like any other HYIP claimed to have developed a sustainable system that enables its participants to enjoy 3% daily interest. This led to rapid popularity of LARA. A lot of people ignorantly invested their life savings all in the name of massive passive income.

Coinr on the other hand, promised its investors double of their bitcoin invested after 100 hours. Well, they kept to their words, unfortunately not long enough for some people to be millionaires. Apparently, coinr creators and moderators made themselves millionaires instead. So much much for doubled income. Funny how people easily fell for this cheap HYIP quagmire.

Even though those that lost money to Lara and her sister Coinr are still finding it difficult to accept the grim reality that they have been scammed, I'll still use this article as an opportunity to warn future investors that not or that glitters is Gold.

The most shocking thing about this incident is that after scamming millions, they still have the effrontery to post a cunning message to their investors, which reads

Parties already blocks all bots related to investment, as a result all the menu should run automatic to manual by admin team. Admin and IT team is trying to move the system to a new platform, so that the system is running as usual. Until everything is completed please do not invest to the link in the telegram, you can invest in the account of our privacy.
You can invest into this address for now
Currently the process of transition to a web data base takes approximately 7-14 business days. During the payout system manually by admin. Hope can be faster if there are no obstacles, requested cooperation.
Thank you...

Surprisingly some people are still paying massive amounts of money into that bitcoin address above. What a world!

What Now for Lara and Coinr?

The Blame Game: LARA Admin message to its investors:

I know that we are all distressed about what has been happening. I'd like to weigh in a little bit.
A few weeks ago, Lara had a problem with double payouts. This was caused by an error with their payout processors. It was my opinion, although I was never able to prove it, that this was the first attack by an outside source to ruin Lara. It failed miserably and Lara was back up and runing quickly thereafter.
Further observation, after this incident was a tremendous amount of people who started to troll the Lara communities with negative comments. This was a second attack to try and stop Lara. Yet, Lara was able to handle this by admin banning the people who were naysayers and rats.
The rats then started another operation because they couldn't do anything directly in our communities. So they started their own groups and created more trolling and troublemaking and eventually influenced the admin of Telegram about their lies in order to destroy Lara.
Why any group would so this is fairly simple. Some say jealousy. I say a conscientious attack by those who hate people to succeed outside of the normal ways of the established society. Lara was about Freedom. Some in control saw her as a threat and a loss of control of you, a slave to the system.
Anyway, I won't go into a lot of details here, but lets just say I know how these types of hackers work and who is behind them. The powers in control want to keep you down and Lara would have freed you.

So where do we go from here? Well, as stated before, the weak point was Telegram. It was supposed to be secure and problem free with the admin and creators of the Telegram app saying that they would never interfere. Well, now we know this is a lie. Telegram was based on privacy and just shot themselves in the foot. Telegram can never be trusted again, and this may very well lead to their downfall.

Lara must update their website and then run the Lara program within it. This is fairly easy to do. It can be created so it is hacker proof, bullet proof, and can't be taken down. The website should have an easy login, and can be created to make instant withdrawals and deposits and work very similar to Telegram. I would suggest that it be created with the Lara community being able to speak to each other as well, just like in Telegram, because this is what kept us all together. However, we can learn from our mistakes and moderators can have full control of keeping the rats out, and the communication clean, without other links to other programs or dark naysayings.

Stay calm. Let's just see where this goes, and hopefully, we'll have this up and running again!!!

The Bullies: COINR Admin Messages to its investors 

In addition to this telegram trying disabling some functionalities of the bot since the warning messages same they are doing with lara. Paying manually is hell that's why you are receiving late payment. We need u guys to send your letter of support to telegram. Even though we are working on something it's still so important. 

But they have to sleep

Cool down guys we will get our payment.

It would be wise enough for everyone to drop a nice review about coinr so automatic payout can be brought back than shouting scam,, 

Your shout won't move anything,,, pls let act with patients and help coinr so we would help you too.. 

Coinr has been the best Bot.
In order to make our Dearest Coinr pay efficiently just like before, pls visit the link below and Say something nice about Coinr!

On my goodness! Even after scamming people coinr still implore the scammed individuals to write a nice review about them so that their second coming would be easy. Haha what a crazy world.

Well, HYIPs are all about stealing from Peter to give to Paul, in some cases they steal from Peter and Paul. So if you're still into HYIPS, after your first payout run for your money.

I'd advice you to stick with sustainable Network programs like Zarfund where you could earn up to $80,000 in a month, instead of losing your money to HYIPs.

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