What is Ultimate Cycler, How does it work, Are People Really Getting paid?

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Those questions popped up in my mind the first time I heard about ULTIMATE CYCLER. I thought about it for just 10 minutes then I decided to give a try. Guess what happened afterwards; I received my ₦50,000 in less than an hour after donating ₦12,500. I was like, what the hell? No wonder people are crazy about this amazing stuff - ULTIMATE CYCLER.

What Is Ultimate Cycler? 

Ultimate Cycler is a peer to peer donation system, it is the best networking business so far.

Ultimate Cycler is really the ultimate; u register with 12,500 Naira only n get 50,000 Naira in just one week. If you're in my team, you'll get your 50,000 Naira in just a single day, then you'll recycle and get it all over again as many times as you want to. Although there's an option to upgrade to the next level where you'll get 100,000 with just 25,000 Naira, so the choice is yours to decide if you want to recycle or upgrade.

How It Works

When you register, 4 persons will be paired to you and you will be getting 50,000 in just one week interval or less. You must not bring someone to earn your 50,000 Naira. Bringing someone only speeds up the process, which is why a good team is essential for you to get paid quickly; i.e within 24 to 48 hours you'll start getting paid already, but if you can’t you still earn your 50,000 Naira only that it'll take a week.

For clarity, if I register one person, two things are involved; it's either the person is matched with me and pays me d 12,500 Naira or I'm matched with someone else who has just been registered somewhere but the proximity won't be much though, and the person pays me. If the person doesn't pay me within 24hrs, I'll not activate d person's account and I'll still be matched with someone else. It's just making so much sense.

You'll get the rest of the details in our official Ultimate Cycler Whatsapp group. 

How to Join

  • Click JOIN NOW when the page finish loading.
  • Fill the registration form properly, for the PayPal ID, just type in your email address.
  • Then scroll down to CREATE MY ACCOUNT.
  • In the next page, you'll get a message prompting you to pay an upgrade fee, just ignore it. Click on No, Thanks,....



  • After you have registered, Click on My Account > Payment Options add your bank details.
  • You will be MATCHED with someone that you will pay N12,500 ($25) immediately. 
  • Click on pending payments to contact the person that they MATCHED you with, you will see his/her contact details showing in your pending payments page. Call the person to get his/her Bank details or just click on  the Pay button to reveal your referral's Bank details.
  • Deposit/transfer N12,500 ($25) to the person's bank account.
  • Call the person to login to his/her account and CONFIRM your payment.
  • You will be MATCH with four (4) people that will pay you N12,500 ($25) each within 7 days.

How To Recycle And Get Paid Again In Ultimate Cycler 

By now you must have gotten your first ₦50,000 Naira, the next step is either to upgrade to the next level with ₦25,000 Naira, or recycle in level 1 with another ₦12,500. Most people like to recycle because it's easier for people to invest ₦12,500 than ₦25,000. So I'll show you how you can easily recycle and get paid ₦50,000 every week for life.


Login to your UC account, you should see a link - Pending payments click on it, then repeat the steps on how to get paid

How To Confirm Received Funds

This is the easiest part of this adventure. All you have to do is login to your UC account, click on Pending Approvals then mark the person(s) as paid. 

To quickly join our Whatsapp group now for more information, CLICK HERE. You can as well drop your phone number in our comment box if you'd like to be added to our Whatsapp group manually.

Feel free to ask any question via our robust comment system. You can as well express your opinion about the program here.



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