Love Triangle, Madness or Just Culture?

Is the side chick to be blamed?

We live in a world where most men cheat, well all men cheat; darling, just because you haven’t caught him yet don’t mean he’s not doing it. So the question is “is the side chick to blame?” Well I think it’s about time we start defending the side chicks, or better still tell their own side of the story, well I am not saying being a side chick is a good thing, or I will enjoy being one but in our world today it is unavoidable for a man not to have a side chick, after all they say it’s in their DNA to cheat.


A side chick doesn’t become a “side chick” on her own, she becomes one when your husband or your boyfriend approaches her, and I mean some girls survive from being side chicks especially in our economy of today, babes gats survive for this recession period. Married women go on social media platforms today to drag side chicks and curse them, telling them to leave their husbands, but come to think about it, some of these side chicks are the reason your husbands haven’t left you, sides chicks are like dessert not the main course of the meal, it’s like you going for a business seminar, and you get side attractions like dancing, entertainment etc. to help you get through a boring seminar, that’s the job of a side chick, they are not in for marriage just for the bucks, so not all of them are threats, except your man wants them to be. 

A girl said to me once that being a side chick is way better than being the main chick, because side chicks don’t have commitment to the men, they don’t cook, wash and do other chores for the man, they are not told what to do with their own time. Sometimes most men don’t even wear their wedding rings, some lie about being married, most of the time these girls don’t even know the man is married, so I think it’s about time we start blaming our husbands and boyfriends for giving attention to these girls and making them feel important, what you give power to has power over you, instead of going on social media and causing a scene, solve your problems from inside your home. Some men are perverts who wants absurd things in the other room, sorry I mean the bedroom, which their wives can’t give to them, or see as forbidden to do on religious grounds, chick sides sought these things out for your husbands. So let’s stop blaming side chicks for the failure of marriages, the problem is close to you…..your husbands.
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