New Year Resolutions And How To Achieve Them

New Year Resolutions And How To Achieve Them

In recent times, we have always had plans to start a new year on a different note, with different intentions but one thing or the other alters these plans and intentions. New Year resolutions are subject to change but here are some questions we should consider; “Are these changes positive or negative?”; “Are these changes worth it?”
The New Year is around the corner and perhaps we all have things we want to add or drop with respect to our behavior, personality, environment among other things. Here are a few tips on making New Year resolutions and sticking by them, so by the end of the coming year these goals will no longer be resolutions but a reality.
#1. Create and Maintain Healthy Relationships:  How healthy the types of relationships we keep has a great effect on our personality, going into the New Year with scars from an unhealthy relationship from a previous year can deeply affect our new year resolutions. The only solution to such is to keep pride aside and redeem our relationship with family, friends, and colleagues even when we think or know we are not at fault. Being the first to put an end to a feud doesn’t mean weakness, rather it takes a reasonable amount of positive energy otherwise known as strength to end a feud.  Go ahead and start a new year with deepened, and healthy relationships.

#2. Stop Procrastinating: Yes, stop procrastinating. You remember years ago when you said you will get this and that done by so and so time and you didn’t? Procrastination is one of man’s biggest mind diseases. In order to make progress in everything we do, we have to jettison procrastination as it makes it difficult for us to reach our set goals, less productive which can in turn lead to depression.

#3. Meet New People: Like the common saying goes; “No man is an island”. Try and leave your comfort zone and meet new people, this can be achieved by attending seminars, training and so on. Meeting new people can help in improving how you relate to people, having more knowledge about things you don’t know about work, and improve mental well-being.  Meeting people can also help overcome shyness, and help one’s career as it is an opportunity for networking which can help in attaining one’s goals in due time or faster.

#4. Improve Your Concentration And Mental Skills: One of the necessary skills to take into a new year is a good if not excellent reasoning ability. Improving one’s focus and cognitive capacity can help in controlling one’s mood, makes it easy to learn faster, and help solve problems easily. Improving one’s concentration in turn increases one’s productivity. There are a lot ways to improve your concentration, Meditation seems to be the easiest way. Meditation; Many studies confirm that 20 minutes of meditation or more per day improves concentration and attention span. Focusing on your breathing, known as mindfulness meditation, is one of the simplest way to meditate. You can start with ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes before bed.

#5. Staying Fit And Eating Healthy: We humans are composed of mental and physical attributes and these two go hand in hand. After developing one’s mental part, it is essential to improve the physical aspect as well. Wake up early, start your day by exercising, make this a daily goal. One of the main problems we are facing today which makes this task quite impossible to achieve is the nature of our jobs, how about the weekends? Eating healthy is also another way of attaining good physical state, drop junk foods and go green, stop skipping breakfast, drink more water during the day and less at night. Let your physical state be in sync with your mental state.

#6. Be Positive: To achieve great feats in life, one has to be positive always no matter what we go through in our daily life. Get rid of negative thoughts, negative people and environments that make you less productive. Learn to voice out your opinions because they matter too. Learn to contribute to make your environment a better place. Being positive boosts one’s confidence, stop what doesn’t work for you, do what makes you happy and stop making people be in charge of your happiness. Go into the New Year a positive person.

#7. Keep A Diary: Keeping a diary is a way of checking your progress from time to time, set goals and achieve them, record your progress in your diary. Anytime you are feeling down go over your diary and reminisce when you did things you thought were impossible, this will motivate you over and over again and before you know it you will be a winner with a lot of great feats to your name.

So, get up and do something meaningful, turn your dreams into reality in 2017, and remember “Nothing is impossible, even the word impossible itself says I’m possible”.

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