Online Businesses That Can Make You A Multimillionaire In Less Than 6 Months

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People always have a tangible reason for creating wealth. There are many financial responsibilities to be met, increasing inflation rate, and some other exigencies. These are the factors that demand a good source of steady income that provides a sufficient income to attend to all of one’s financial needs.
You can create enough wealth by leveraging the Internet by investing in online business opportunities or take the advantage of some needs in your neighborhood by providing a service that will meet such needs. Some of these opportunities can be done strictly via the internet or offline. Let’s take a look at some of these great wealth opportunities:

Sell eBooks Online

People have never needed useful information in the past as they do now. This unparalleled quest for knowledge is a good avenue for making money. If you are a good writer, you can put some good ideas down in writing and get it published for sale on and other online stores that are created for such purpose.
For instance, are you knowledgeable in web design? Are you a good programmer? Ask yourself whether you have the right skills for home decoration. You can put your good ideas down as an eBook and market it by teaching others how to develop these skills too.
Granted you may not be a skilled writer, you can engage the services of a skilled freelance writer to write for you. For a reasonable price, you will find yourself a writer that is knowledgeable and skillful enough to turn your idea into a great book.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is already taking the writing community by storm. Due to the global economic crisis that has engulfed the world, many publishing companies and other stakeholders in the writing business are turning en mass to freelance writers to get their jobs done. What do you need to become a freelance writer?
A prospective freelance writer must be passionate about writing. He should have a good command of English language and display flawless writing as a trademark.  To launch your freelance writing career you can visit some freelancing websites such as,,, and some other freelance writing website. You can get a complete list of these sites on the Internet. After creating a personal account, you will have access to clients who are in need of competent writers. You can start from there.


If you interested in a subject and passionate about it, you can develop a blog to write about it. Blogging remains one of the best online business opportunities that require a little start-up capital. Monetizing a blog requires some skills. These skills are not some rocket science and can be learned by relating well with others in the field as well as leverage the opportunities offered by the Internet. Some tutorials on YouTube will be invaluable to helping you overcome your initial fears on the way to monetizing your blog.
Another beauty of blogging is its relative ease of setup. You can launch a blog and publish your first post in less than an hour with a little assistance from others.

Web Design

If you have some web design skills, it is a great way to create wealth that will assure you of the basic necessities of life for long. You will understand how lucrative this business idea is if you consider that there are millions of websites on the internet and other thousands are added to the Internet daily. Season and qualified web designer are hired to develop and maintain these millions of website. If you are knowledgeable here, your income is guaranteed.
If you are not a web design whiz kid, you can take a lesson in the art and acquire enough knowledge to kick start a career in web design in a couple of months depending on your dedication and resourcefulness. The Internet is a good library of information you can take advantage of to learn the necessary skills. For a visual tutorial, YouTube has tons of information that you can use.

Instagram Marketing

Most people in the world are aware of the existence and function of Instagram. However, only a few people know how to create wealth from owning an Instagram account. If you can build a good number of followers on your Instagram account, you can lease the account out or charge big companies for a post on your account. A post may go for between $500 and $5,000 depending on the size of your followership. If you have followers that run into hundreds of thousands, brand sponsorship will give you enough income to pay your bills as companies, brands, and others may approach you for sponsorship if the type of content on your Instagram page is relevant to their products or services.

Amazon Reselling

Practically everybody can sell one good or the other on Amazon if you have the right products to sell. You can hit your local stores and get some goods at reasonable prices and put them up for sale on Amazon. This is a good way to make some extra bucks to supplement your income if you are working full-time. If you are unsure about how to do this, google the necessary steps and you will find a comprehensive explanation of how to set up an Amazon account and resell products by using the account and you will be through within a few minutes. The most important thing is to have the goods you can resell. Other steps are fairly simple and will cost you next to nothing.

Be A Virtual Assistant

The global financial meltdown of some years ago led to the laying off of many people in the corporate world. A group of employees that were adversely affected most are the personal assistants as some companies found them too expensive to maintain. However, their jobs must still be done.
Some busy employers have now resorted to the use of Virtual Assistants to address this issue. Whenever an assistant is needed, they are usually hired from freelance sites or other sites that provide virtual assistance services. If you have the time and the appropriate skills, you can make yourself available as a virtual assistant. This is a good way to generate income without spending a dime except your PC and internet connection. The more your clients are satisfied with your services, the more your reputation will soar. This will, in turn, translate to increased income. You can visit sites like Upwork, Elance, Freelancer, and the rest to launch a career in virtual assistance.

Social Media Manager

If you spend a huge amount of time on social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter, you can monetize the time you spend on those sites. Some companies that are into travel, retail, or startups need a heavy presence on the social media to create awareness for their brands as part of their marketing techniques. You can put our skills to good use here and get paid for doing what you like doing. and are two sites with good opportunities for individuals who are interested in exploring this opportunity.

Online Dating Consultancy

While some people find it relatively easy to hook up and date, it is a herculean task for some people. The latter group will appreciate the assistance of an experienced consultant to serve as a matchmaker for them. If you are a trained counselor and you are experienced in the art of dating, you may find this as a way to increase your monthly income due to the number of people that are ready to pay for your professional advice.

Wedding Planning 

Weddings take place almost everyday and some people are not good at planning their wedding. They always outsource their wedding planning to good wedding planners. If you have what it takes to plan memorable weddings, you will gradually build a portfolio that will guarantee you a steady source of income. To succeed here, you should have a good and experienced videographers, venue providers, jewelers, souvenir crafts, travel agencies, and access to wedding dresses and coats.

These are tested business opportunities that will guarantee a regular income for you depending on your expertise and dedication to your chosen job. If you have the right mindset and professionalism, your portfolio will gradually increase and your income will increase as more people find your expertise appealing.
Therefore, if you already have a skill you can use to create lasting wealth, you can invest it in one of the job opportunities mentioned here. Otherwise, it is never too late for you to learn some useful skills that will put you on the path of making a regular income that will give you the needed financial freedom.
As I mentioned above, you have the Internet and YouTube to teach you whatever you need if you are determined to have the desired knowledge to tap from the multibillion dollar empire created by these wealth-creating opportunities. Your lack of the right skills is a baseless excuse to derive yourself the opportunity to make it financially.
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