What is PeerFunding? [The Review: How I made over $3000 in 10 days]

Just when I thought I was done with ponzi donation platforms, PeerFunding made me reconsider. I've made over $3000 already and more money should still flowing tonight, but I wouldn't want to be selfish so I've decided share this great crowd funding platform with you, yes you. If you're the type that enjoys taking risks you should probably slow down because there are a lot of mushroom Ponzi scheme sites out there scamming unsuspecting participants, but there's something different about PeerFunding.

Peer Funding Nigeria

Peerfunding is a crowd funding platform that helps you raise funds from willing donors for your projects. It's a community of a group of consenting adults that have agreed to support one another to achieve independent financial goals.

Let's say you have ₦100,000 Naira but you need at least ₦130,000 Naira to fund your project or pay your bills and time is of essence, then PeerFunding is for you. Here's why;
You'll have to donate your ₦100,000 to someone whose name is on the list( this list will be published on the website)
Then wait for 2-10 days for your name to be published as well only that this time you'll be receiving your ₦100,000 Naira plus 30% interest and your sign up bonus of ₦5000 which will sum up to ₦135,000 Naira (100,000 +30,000 + 5,000)

Yes! There's even more benefit, you can earn as much as ₦7,500 extra for every Friend you tell about PeerFunding.

How does it work? The exchange rate is (₦500 to $1)

  • You register
  • After Registration, you are given free $10 as a member.
  • You don’t provide help here, you fund someone else's project by donating to the person’s bank account and requesting for payment confirmation, you will also be paired with someone who will fund your project by donating to you.
  • You get $15 referral bonus, it will be available when your downline donates to someone, and it will be available for withdrawal when you create a project to receive donation.
  • The donation list is released from 7AM – 12PM
  • The List is released at 1 hour interval… Example when a list is released around 7AM it will be removed after it has been exhausted which is usually between 5-7mins. Then it will be released again around 8PM.
  • You have to be fast and have a strong internet connection because many people are trying to make donation at the same time.
  • If you're unable to pick a project to fund, you will have to wait till the next list.
  • The donation currency is in Dollar, but you can make payment in Naira at $1 to ₦500 exchange rate, you can as well pay with Bitcoin if the receiver accepts bitcoin. 

How To Donate

click fund project in the menu and select the amount you are capable of paying in the list. Then contact the person and pay up.

The minimum donation is $40 which is ₦20,000 Naira but you can choose to fund a project of $500 by splitting it with other participants. Just click on a $500 project, then indicate you can only pay $40, then the system will automatically allocate the remaining $460 to other participants.

The whole process is really easy, if you encounter any challenge just tell us via our comment boxes, we are always online.

So what are you waiting for?

Paid in PeerFunding

UPDATE: This program has crashed, you might want to look elsewhere now. 
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