ghw has crashed already
Get Help Worldwide is an online Community where people are suppose to help each other financially with no third parties involved, whatever money you donate to someone grows by 30% if in Local currency or 50% if in Bitcoin after 30 days. All you have to do is to make a Pledge of an amount you wish to Provide as Help in the Community, you remain with your money and wait patiently till you are Paired with another Participant who needs the help you are offering then you redeem your pledge by providing help directly to that Participant with no third party involved. The same way on the 30th day when you request for help from the community, you will be paired with another participant in the community who pays directly to you. Get help worldwide just like MMM was created to last forever, but then nothing lasts forever. In fact it's easier for me to live forever than for a ponzi scheme to last forever.
ghw must crash

After the fall of MMM in Nigeria, a lot of people rushed into get help worldwide to recover their loss, this group of people lured a whole lot of innocent Nigerians including those that didn't participate in MMM into Get help worldwide. In January alone get help worldwide recorded about 400,000 new participants. This allowed get help worldwide to flourish with ease until now.

The End Of The Road For Get Help Worldwide?

Yes! Without mincing words Get Help Worldwide has crashed already, although some devoted participants especially those that quit their jobs for ponzi schemes are still trying hard to keep it up by encouraging their downlines to keep providing help believing they would eventually get help from a ghost another participant after 30 days. The crazy thing about all these Ponzi schemes is that people don't learn from history.

How to know a ponzi scheme of GHW's magnitude is about to totally crash

In economics, when the demand is greater than the supply the business owner would either increase the price of the goods or employ more workers to boost supply so as to maintain an equilibrium. Now let's relate it to Ponzi schemes; when the number of people trying to get help ( cash out ) is greater than the number of people in the queue to provide help ( deposit ) the system administrators will quickly introduce a promo that will increase the interest rate so as to woo new participants to come buy another man's wahala. Most times the system usually collapses after an unusual promo and people would lose their money. I mean, we all saw what happened to Mmm Nigeria after they introduced their Christmas promo.

This is the time you'll see greedy old participants wailing "had I known" and new participants drafting letters of apology in advance for their landlords.

So, I guess you now know where am going with these analogies, Get help worldwide recently introduced Easter promo, promising it's participants 50% interest after 15 days, like seriously who does that? How can people not see the handwriting on the wall?
ghw has crashed after promo
Mmm wants GHW to crash TODAY
Apparently some Mmm faithfuls are also
 busy doing what they know how to do best.

Ghw crash
MMM miscreants on rampage. 

Now that you know the truth, what next?

If you've already invested a lot of money into Get help worldwide hoping to get back your money very soon plus fat interest rate, I would advice you to just consider your money gone, although anything can still happen, there are a lot of cheerful givers in Nigeria. But if get help worldwide is really all about helping people as they claim, then even if you can't withdraw your money at any point in time you should consider it as a helping hand to the needy. I mean, apart from church tithes, when we help the needy we actually give them our spare money, clothes etc without expecting anything in return right?

So be happy! It was your spare money you donated after all.


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